Wednesday, April 9, 2014

There are still 5 SOE Less Committed Run GCG

Under Secretary of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) , Mr. Yasin admitted , of about 100 government owned companies , there are five companies that lower commitment about corporate governance ( GCG / GCG ) .

As known , the Ministry of the September 2013 dinahkodai Dahlan is making SOEs Net program , which is one of its goals is to reduce the amount of gratuity .

Yasin said that , in general SOE SOE Clean demonstrate the company's commitment to improve corporate governance and tackle fraud .

" There is no state-owned companies are not committed to good corporate governance and tackle fraud . , But there are five state-owned companies are more driven to improve, " said Yasin met after a leadership meeting at the SOE Headquarters Pertamina , Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

Unfortunately , Yasin reluctant to mention these five companies . He just said , there are companies in the logistics sector and other services . According to him , who's commitment is still low , is currently being discussed by each deputy SOE based on 13 indicators .

While acknowledging there are five state-owned company that has a low commitment to good corporate governance , Yasin rejects it indicates the company is not transparent and allegedly often receive gratuities .
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" Nah ( no indication ) . Essentially we want SOE clean . 's Why the system needs to be improved wistle blowing it , " he added .

Chairman of the Financial oversight and Development (BPK ) Mardiasmo said , SOE Net aims to SOEs can overcome fraud . " Controlling fraud , bribery , graft and corruption , " he said .


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