Thursday, April 17, 2014

First Farmer-Owned Tea Factory Inaugurated

People Iroet Tea Factory located in Kampung Cisaat , Sukatani Village , District Cilawu , Garut , West Java was unveiled , and is expected to reduce the level of dependence of farmers on private management .

With the inauguration of the plant , farmers also could pocket more income from value -added tea products produced .

" For the first time in Indonesia , farmers have tea and tea processing factories manage . Teh People Iroet be the first plant of 20 plant to be built in West Java and Central Java as the largest tea producing region in Indonesia , " said Krisnamurthi Vice Minister of Commerce , in a press release on Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Bayu said , currently most of the tea growers still a producer of raw materials , does not have a dry tea processing units . Whereas 46 percent of tea plantations owned by small farmers . Tea is also a superior commodity in Indonesia's agricultural sector . Indonesian Tea Association in 2009 , noted tea accounts for foreign exchange amounted to 110 million U.S. dollars .

People Iroet Tea Factory owned by Business Multipurpose Cooperative ( KSU ) Son Blooms , which consists of tea farmers . The cooperative aims to empower , welfare , and increasing access to information and people's networks of tea farmers .

Son KSU members blooms that have as many as 454 people a tea plantation area of ​​406.51 hectares of the people . This plant has a production capacity of 8.5 tons per day of wet bud tea farmer cooperative members so as to produce 50 tons of dry tea per month .
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In addition to producing its own , KSU Son Bloom also run dry tea trade by 50 tons per month . In total , KSU Son Blooming manage 100 tons of dry tea per month or 1.2 tons of dry tea per year which is equivalent to U.S. $ 1.62 million .


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