Monday, March 31, 2014

Epiphany, Trendy Camera Glasses Competitor Google Glass

Profession as journalists sometimes have to bersingungan with danger . In fact , in times of conflict or war coverage media crew was not uncommon to get a ban for taking pictures .

Of course this is very difficult , and even when taking pictures or video of the location must be a way sembuyi - hidden . But now , a new technology can change everything becomes easy .
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One vendor named Vergence Labs named Epiphany Eyewear sunglasses certainly attend . Where the creators claim that before Google Glass is present , it must first create the smart glasses .

According to the author , Erick Miller , this camera is not much different from the Google Glass , but has a more trendy design and it does not look like a Star Trek glasses .

It was evidenced when a journalist taking pictures or video of the location of the conflict which is often not easy . In fact , according to Miller's much to do with stealth.

" But a new technology , can facilitate the task . The result is no less powerful and even more sharply , " Miller said as quoted by the VOA , Saturday ( 29/03/2014 ) .

When using Epiphany Eyewear sunglasses , continued Miller , will embellish its face because it was designed with the progressive combining form and function . Eyewear Epiphany design does look more like a general fashion sunglasses on the market today .

Adapaun advantages by using these glasses are the first , swivel range of 160 degrees , similar to the usual range of the human eye , so both recorded video can be downloaded using a USB . Third , through the lens of the user can directly deploy it sees action to social media such as Facebook or Twitter .
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" This looks like regular sunglasses , but can take high- definition pictures , with a memory capacity of 32 GB to 8 hours , "

Another advantage , these glasses can be connected to other devices such as smartphones or tablets , to upload videos or photos to a website , video recording , storing or streaming video .

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Project hoping to end alarming decline of bobwhite quail

The iconic bobwhite quail , a favorite among hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike Throughout the United States , has literally flown the coop - its numbers have been decreasing alarmingly for decades , but a groundbreaking project led by a team of Texas A & M University researchers could prove to be a big move toward understanding historic and future bobwhite population trends .
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Dr . Chris Seabury and research associates ( Yvette Halley and Eric Bhattarai ) , along with members of the Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center (Dr. Ian Tizard , Donald Bright Smith ) at Texas A & M's College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences have completed the first- ever draft genome assembly for a wild bobwhite quail named Pattie - Marie , and their work has leg published in the current issue of the scientific journal PLOS ONE.

The project , All which took two years to complete , usefull Involved colleagues from the University of Missouri (Dr. Jerry Taylor and Jared Decker ) , Texas A & M AgriLife Research (Dr. Charles Johnson and Dale Rollins ) , Texas A & M 's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences (Dr. Mark Peterson ) , and two private - industry scientists (Dr. Scot E. Dowd and Paul M. Seabury ) .

" By sequencing and assembling the bobwhite quail genome , the team produced the most comprehensive resource currently available for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in the bobwhite , " Seabury says .

One of the most prized American hunting birds , and a cultural icon among outdoor enthusiasts , the bobwhite quail has undergone a mysterious decline That leg has documented for more than 50 years . Once present by the millions in the Midwest , South and Southwest, bobwhite numbers are down as much as 80 percent in some areas .
In Oklahoma , declining bobwhite quail numbers are Especially alarming , with one study Relating That decline to the number of quail hunters , All which has dropped from 111,000 in 1986 to only 30,000 last year .

The bird was recently named the No.1 bird in decline in North America by the Audubon Society .
In Texas , Equally serious declines have usefull leg Noted . According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department figures , the bobwhite quail has declined every year since 1981.
At present , there appears to be no single or specific reason for the decline . Loss of natural habitat , changes in land use , pesticides , the potential for bird diseases , and even climate change have all been Mentioned , but no definitive explanation has bone discovered for the quail decline .

"Our study is important Because prior to this , we had no ability to use whole-genome technologies to monitor levels of genetic diversity over time , define the genetic relationships among Existing populations , or draw important inferences Regarding bobwhite physiological interactions withtheir environment , " Seabury Explains .

" We now have a formal resource for studying the bird and Identifying new or perhaps even more specific reasons for its serious decline . This resource gives us a new way to look at population and management strategies , but usefull Means To conduct a very detailed molecular studies focusing on ecotoxicology , reproduction , and physiology . (see also: vitamin burung)

" Now we can peel back new layers of science to thoroughly look at many different levels of the quail problem , -including the utilization of whole-genome information for monitoring modern genetic diversity , reconstructing historic population trends , and even considering genetic similarity in relation to the translocation of wild bobwhites to suitable habitats . "


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Know the Long Bean Plant

The characteristics and Habitat Long Bean
Bean plants or the scientific name is a plant Vigna sinensis bush that extends about 2.5 m high. Bean plants need support when growing, soft green stems and has a smooth surface. This plant has compound leaves that are dark green with an oval shape and tapered at the ends and has a rough surface and leaves often look fine hairs on its surface. (see also: pakan burung)

Flowers of long beans found in the armpit leaves with shapes resembling butterflies white purplish. Fruit of podded bean plants with a length of about 15 to 25 cm. If opened, it would appear that the long beans slightly brownish white, if the skin is peeled seeds, the seeds will look green beans.

Long beans can flourish at altitudes less than 800 m above sea level. Long beans are very like the type of clay soil, sandy (latosol) which contains a lot of humus with a pH between 5.5 to 6.5. In addition, the intensity of rainfall is needed between 600 mm to 1,500 mm per year and has a temperature range of 20o C to 30o C.

Types of Long Bean
In general, beans are classified into two types, namely bean trellis that is twisted and nuts instead of trellis that is not twisted. For the type that wraps long beans, divided into two ordinary trellis beans and green beans intestine. While not a trellis for beans diglongkan into three categories namely tungak bean (Vigna unguiculata L), uci bean (Vigna umbellata), and hybrid bean (Vigna sinensis ssp.hybridus L).

Ingredients and Benefits of Long Bean
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Beans have a variety of nutrients needed by the body such as protein, vitamin B complex, fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, copper, potassium, zinc, and selenium. In general, long beans beneficial to smooth the body's metabolism, helping the formation of bones and teeth, preventing anemia, maintaining nerve and muscle function, maintain healthy joints, increase endurance, and act as antioxidants to counteract free radicals. In addition, long bean is also efficacious for treating some diseases such as beri-beri, rheumatism, lumbago, and kidney stones.