Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Indef: Readiness of Indonesia in the MEA Face Down 50 Percent

Researchers of the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance Akhmad Heri Firdaus said the government's preparation to face the Asean Economic Community ( AEC ) in 2015 was still below 50 percent . "The preparation is still lacking , we are far from other countries , at most, 50 percent fixed , meaning still under , " Heri said in Jakarta on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

Heri said the lack of preparation ranging from socialization , labor , logistics to infrstruktur . He assessed in terms of socialization , the government is still less aggressively to compete with other countries increasingly stringent .
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In fact , according to him , the labor Vetnam known to have studied Indonesian to add expertise in a market that increasingly liberal . Vietnam , according to him , are already eyeing cities like Jakarta , Surabaya and Medan . " Talk to the workers , no one knows what the MEA ? We missed 'start' , others have increased ' skill ' ( ability ) , still not many people know , " he said .

Heri argue that socialization is a crucial first step that must be done so at least people know beforehand to Indonesia after it is done thorough preparation . He advised the government to optimize the services sector as the sector contributes to a high enough gross domestic product ( GDP ) , which grew 1.62 percent from 5.78 percent of GDP in 2013 .

In addition , if it is not given to improving skills , he continues, it is feared Indonesian workers will only be workers , because managerial positions will be controlled by foreigners . " We like going to war , but we are a traditional weapon of all , while other countries already use sophisticated , " he said .


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