Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Intel Reveals Partner Strategy & Programs at ISS 2014

Intel , tomorrow will be holding the event Intel Solutions Summit ( ISS ) in 2014 . Event reveals the strategy and vision along with partners Intel Intel . Okezone.com , the only media onlilne of Indonesia have the opportunity to participate and join other international media in such a grand event in Singapore .

In this annual event , Intel executives , partners and customers will give you the latest update innovations Intel . The grand event was held in several countries , including at the Resorts World Convention Centre , Singapore , for three days, from April 30 to May 1 , 2014.
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Intel brings expert speakers ( keynote ) to unveil the evolution of technology and the power of desktop devices on the network partner . Intel executives and partners will explain the future of Intel's products , ranging from NUC ( portable mini PC ) to IOT .

Intel Technology Providers Program ( ITP ) has seen great success for the channel in the Asia Pacific region ( APAC ) with significant growth in the number of partners or participating than last year .

Intel announced the update of information through social networking , Twitter . To hasg official tags , Twitter users can view information about ISS 2014 by # IntelSS , account @ IntelSingapore and @ IntelAPJ .


Indef: Readiness of Indonesia in the MEA Face Down 50 Percent

Researchers of the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance Akhmad Heri Firdaus said the government's preparation to face the Asean Economic Community ( AEC ) in 2015 was still below 50 percent . "The preparation is still lacking , we are far from other countries , at most, 50 percent fixed , meaning still under , " Heri said in Jakarta on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

Heri said the lack of preparation ranging from socialization , labor , logistics to infrstruktur . He assessed in terms of socialization , the government is still less aggressively to compete with other countries increasingly stringent .
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In fact , according to him , the labor Vetnam known to have studied Indonesian to add expertise in a market that increasingly liberal . Vietnam , according to him , are already eyeing cities like Jakarta , Surabaya and Medan . " Talk to the workers , no one knows what the MEA ? We missed 'start' , others have increased ' skill ' ( ability ) , still not many people know , " he said .

Heri argue that socialization is a crucial first step that must be done so at least people know beforehand to Indonesia after it is done thorough preparation . He advised the government to optimize the services sector as the sector contributes to a high enough gross domestic product ( GDP ) , which grew 1.62 percent from 5.78 percent of GDP in 2013 .

In addition , if it is not given to improving skills , he continues, it is feared Indonesian workers will only be workers , because managerial positions will be controlled by foreigners . " We like going to war , but we are a traditional weapon of all , while other countries already use sophisticated , " he said .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tjahjo Kumolo: CLA was 'his friend' Bull

Secretary General of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) Tjahjo Kumolo expressed optimism about political cooperation with the National Awakening Party (PKB).

"CBA it koncone bull.
Mega CLA and right in line, "said Tjahjo reporters when met at the residence of Megawati Sukarnoputri, Jalan Teuku Umar, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Saturday (26/04/2014) afternoon.
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Some party officials, for example, the Chairman of the PDI-P winning elections Puan Maharani and presidential candidate of the PDI-P Joko Widodo, said Tjahjo, has held a meeting with CLA. However, he declined to explain the latest update of the communication.

"Obviously, we did not talk about it (for sharing) seats.

We're talking about, how future government so strong and solid. That's it, "said Tjahjo.

Jokowi had previously said, the conversation between the PDI-P with CLA stay to discuss the vice presidential candidate.

CLA handed a number of names, while the vice presidential selection process is still running.


Friday, April 25, 2014

BRI Grab Official Used Slot Indosat Satellite Orbit

Bank Rakyat Indonesia ( BRI ) eventually became the first bank in the world that manages satellite orbital slots and has its own after replacing Indosat officially began 1 September 2015 as the manager of a satellite orbital slot of 150.5 BT .

It was confirmed after Tifatul Sembiring issued two decrees to transfer management of orbital slot . After issuing the first letter of the number B-297/M.KOMINFO/SP.02.01/03/2014 on March 26 , a second letter was followed later .
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" In the letter stated Indosat can still use the orbital slot until 1 September 2015 . Then published the letter the minister who gives the right to the use of orbital slots BRI began 1 September 2015 , " said Director General of Resources and Equipment Post and Information Technology Ministry of Communications Muhammad Budi Setiawan , in Jakarta , Friday ( 04/25/2014 ) .

BRI also said to have a special permit to manage telecommunications satellites. Meanwhile, in another occasion , President Director Sofyan Basir BRI satellite targeting the purchase process completed by the end of April and slide in 2016 .

According to him , BRI open cooperation with telecom companies including Indosat satellite in the management of the BRI .

While companies are competing to win the procurement of satellite BRI originated from the United States and Europe . BRI funds prepared to buy the satellite reached $ 250 million .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Heavy rain, Avalanche Victim Search Terminated

The search process two more deaths from landslides buried in Malang , East Java , on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) , temporarily suspended , due to heavy rains and subsequent landslides prone .

The search will resume on Wednesday ( 04/23/2014 ) tomorrow . " Tomorrow we go again . All personnel rescue teams and residents were asked to return to the post 1 guard , " said Police Chief Wajak Sardikan AKP , at the site of the landslide , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Distance landslide location swallowing two alleged victims of these farmers as far as 26 kilometers southeast of the city of Malang . While the distance of the location of the houses , in the village of Bambang , approximately six kilometers , and had to travel by foot .

" The terrain is very difficult to get to the location . Fearing landslides . Quite dangerous for the safety of rescue teams and residents who helped search for survivors . We do not want to take the risk , " said Sardikan .

Since Tuesday morning , dozens of people went to the location even though the distance is quite far away . " For people here are used to walking, " he said . However , SAR team members the trouble to bring such tools wood cutting machine . " Because of its location on the slopes of Mount Semeru , " said Sardikan .

Camat Wajak , Good Sulistiawan explained , initial steps have been taken to identify terrain conditions . " We 've cut the trees at the site , although no longer due to heavy rain . Tomorrow we will try to get rid of the debris avalanche , " he said .

Long cliff landslide reaches 60 meters , width 20 meters , reaching 20 meters in height . " That's why we ask for help BPBDs and PMI , " he met at the landslide site .

Meanwhile , the number of residents in the village of Bambang , who helped search reaches 200 residents . " Volunteers as many as 100 people . Communication We are already into the second victim's family . Parties Mupika and Malang Regency krdua will try to find the victim , " he said .

Asked whether there are benefits to both the families of the victims , Good admitted that he had submitted a proposal to help Malang Regency . "The assistance we have proposed . Yet no answer , " he said .

Reported earlier, a landslide occurred on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) , precisely at 15:30 pm in South Bambang Perhutani forest , Hamlet Pandanrejo , Bambang Village , District Wajak , Malang .

Two people who allegedly died was Yajid ( 35 ) , resident of RT 24 RW Kradjan Hamlet Village Bambang Subdistrict 08 Wajak Malang , and Prayudi ( 28 ) , resident of RT 34 RW Pandanrejo village 11 village Bambang Wajak District of Malang.
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Chronology of events , on Sunday ( 04/20/2014 ) , at 09.00 am , the victim went to the woods looking for grass to feed livestock . Until Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) morning , the two victims have not been back to the house , to know they allegedly buried by landslides .


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Eliminate Evidence, JIS Sued

Family lawyer AK , kindergarten students who received sexual harassment in the toilet Jakarta International School ( JIS ) , said that the international school that seeks to eliminate the evidence. Upon this , OC Kaligis , the lawyer , said it would sue the school .

OC Kaligis explained , the evidence removal efforts are changing the shape ( remodeling ) toilets that became the crime scene and stop the janitor ( cleaning service ) that can be a witness of the case .

" Eliminating the evidence that ( offense ) criminal , " said OC Kaligis at a press conference in Jakarta , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) . Anyone violators , he added , can be criminalized .

The elimination of this evidence could hamper the investigation process . The evidence should be brought to justice .

Meanwhile , TH , AK mother , explained , shaped like a toilet cubicle in JIS like in a shopping mall . However, the toilets in the school until it was closed up .
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" That's if the child attends , kept locked , is also not going to ( any one ) know . If ( toilet ) now , I do not know , " said TH .


Pearl Bank Earnings Decline USD 6.55 Billion

PT Bank Mutiara Tbk posted a decrease in profit of Rp 6.55 billion to Rp 12 billion at the end of 11 March 2014 from the same period the previous year which stood at Rp 18.66 billion .

The decline in profit was due to a decrease in net interest income to Rp 24 billion on 48 March 2014 from the previous Rp 93.79 billion recorded .
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For financing, the bank's loan portfolio is able to record Rp 10.2 trillion at the end of the first quarter of 2014. Figure is also down when compared with the first quarter of 2013 from Rp 11.21 trillion .

Rohan Hafas , Company Secretary The bank said despite declining performance, the bank's condition is still healthy .

" Reflected from the NPL or non- performing loan ( NPL ) in the first quarter of 2014 by 3.6 % . " he said as quoted by Liputan6.com on Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .

Similarly, the capital adequacy ratio or capital adequacy ratio ( CAR) was at 14.06 % , in accordance with the provisions of the Indonesian banking industry regulators .

Rohan added a focus on managing the bank's management of the bank to put forward the principle of prudence and the resolution of problem loans .
" We are optimistic that the problem loans can be resolved well and contribute positively to the bank's performance this year , " concluded Rohan Hafas .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Exotic Sunset at Mount of Ratu Boko

Exotic Sunset at Mount of Ratu Boko
Boko SITE is no stranger to the world of tourism . The enchanting beauty of the hills was very charming at dusk when the weather is sunny . Panoramic sunset is the main attraction Taman Wisata Candi ( TWC ) administered the State-Owned Enterprises .

" Sunset become a mainstay for travelers visiting any domestic or foreign . Come before 17:00 if you want to enjoy the beauty of the sunset on the hill , Ratu Boko , " said Didik Tri Ardianto , Boko TWC Operational Staff , met Okezone , recently .
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The number of tourists visiting the region at least when compared with Prambanan and Borobudur . Its location is only approximately 3 kilometers to the south of Prambanan, Sleman , DI Yogyakarta.

" We may be only half of Prambanan temple . If there ( Prambanan - red) reach 10 thousand visitors a month , maybe we are just 5 thousand , but we have increased from time to time , " he said .

Every Sunday afternoon performances of art music tradition played Gejug Dimples locals . This art originated from the lives of rural peasants were celebrating harvest .

" Art is no music , song , and dance , " said the father of two boys.

Used musical instruments made ​​of wood to hit dimples . While the mortar itself in the form of a large timber ship-shaped ground when there used to be a rice paddy .

" If the first is to use a mortar for pounding rice , there is now a rice mill . ADD rice to the mill , ready made out of rice , much faster , " he said , explaining .

Dimples Gejug performances aimed at increasing tourist attraction . Besides preserving the cultural arts as a medium that is very closely related to daily life in the village . In addition to the mortar , there is a communication tool that is closely related to society , the gong . In addition to communication media , gong able to be used as a tool for art .

Visitors do not need merogok pocket inside to enjoy sightseeing at Ratu Boko . Simply Rp25 thousand for domestic tourists and foreign tourists to Rp90 thousand .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

First Farmer-Owned Tea Factory Inaugurated

People Iroet Tea Factory located in Kampung Cisaat , Sukatani Village , District Cilawu , Garut , West Java was unveiled , and is expected to reduce the level of dependence of farmers on private management .

With the inauguration of the plant , farmers also could pocket more income from value -added tea products produced .

" For the first time in Indonesia , farmers have tea and tea processing factories manage . Teh People Iroet be the first plant of 20 plant to be built in West Java and Central Java as the largest tea producing region in Indonesia , " said Krisnamurthi Vice Minister of Commerce , in a press release on Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Bayu said , currently most of the tea growers still a producer of raw materials , does not have a dry tea processing units . Whereas 46 percent of tea plantations owned by small farmers . Tea is also a superior commodity in Indonesia's agricultural sector . Indonesian Tea Association in 2009 , noted tea accounts for foreign exchange amounted to 110 million U.S. dollars .

People Iroet Tea Factory owned by Business Multipurpose Cooperative ( KSU ) Son Blooms , which consists of tea farmers . The cooperative aims to empower , welfare , and increasing access to information and people's networks of tea farmers .

Son KSU members blooms that have as many as 454 people a tea plantation area of ​​406.51 hectares of the people . This plant has a production capacity of 8.5 tons per day of wet bud tea farmer cooperative members so as to produce 50 tons of dry tea per month .
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In addition to producing its own , KSU Son Bloom also run dry tea trade by 50 tons per month . In total , KSU Son Blooming manage 100 tons of dry tea per month or 1.2 tons of dry tea per year which is equivalent to U.S. $ 1.62 million .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Three Bodies Found In One Day at a Time

Cianjur Police officers found the three bodies in three different places on Tuesday . Although three separate but police suspect the body was a murder victim interrelated .

" We found three bodies in a single day in different places . Suspected murder victim related or sister , " Deddy said when contacted by telephone on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Deddy said the first bodies were found the male sex . The bodies were found in the area Cidaun , Cianjur , Tuesday morning . " The discovery of the bodies of the first around 9:00 , the male body , a dozen years , " said Deddy .

The bodies of the two were found in the Kertajadi , Cianjur , female . " Around 12 pm , in the area Kertajadi , female gender , " said Deddy .

In Garut also appeared to handle the discovery of the bodies in the area of ​​Kampung Cidahon , around 16:00 pm in the afternoon. " We are coordinating with Garut police , found more bodies . Thing in Garut men - men , " said Deddy again .

The three bodies , said Deddy , has now been taken to hospital . Sartika Asih , London , for an autopsy .

Police suspect that the bodies were killed at another location . " Execution somewhere else , then dumped , " he said .
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Until now , said Deddy , police are still investigating the discovery and development over the three corpses .


U.S. Men Wear Shirts Band Over 1,000 Different Day

ECHO PARK - Isac Walter , had a hobby of collecting shirts of famous bands in the world . Total collection of the man from Echo Park , Los Angeles , United States ( U.S. ) is more than 1,000 pieces of shirts .

Walter plans to create a blog to document his project entitled ' Minor Thread ' . In this project Walter showed he was wearing the shirt of a different band for 1,000 consecutive days .

Minor Thread Project was started in July 2011 , when he was wearing the shirt of a band that is different every day for 500 days . Once successful , Walter decided to add it to 1,000 days . On 7 April 2014 , Walter managed to reach 1,000 1,000 shirts a day with different bands .
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" Shirts like an analog version of the social media and social networking . It's amazing how I can wear a shirt a certain band and interact with people who have never met before . Kaos band itself can start a new conversation and new friendships with others , " said Walter . Thus quoted from Oddity Central , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

In addition to creating a blog , Walter also made a nine- minute video to document the unique action . Some shirts that he had also sold here


Monday, April 14, 2014

Sparkling gold getting as "tantrum" Russian

NEW YORK - Global Gold rose to a three- weekly , as renewed concerns over the escalation in Ukraine encourage investors to add to positions in gold as a hedge asset .

Safe haven increased due to increased tensions between pro - Russian separatists and government forces of Ukraine . This occurred after the news that the Russian -made fighter aircraft flew low over the ship United States ( U.S. ) in the Black Sea over the weekend .

The precious metal also rose as U.S. equity rally with a higher index in the S & P 500 , which rebounded on strong earnings from U.S. bank Citigroup Inc , after a sharp sell-off last weekend in the stock market . In fact , gold usually moves inversely to stocks .
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" I think we need to have gold in an investment portfolio for safety now more than ever . Lot of people do not always believe the stock market today , " said a senior broker at RJ O'Brien , Phillip Streible , as reported by Reuters on Tuesday ( 15 / 4/2014 ) .

Spot gold rose types USD9 , 13, or 0.7 percent, to USD1.327 , 10 per troy ounce , after touching its highest level since March 24 at USD1.330 , 90 per troy ounce . While U.S. gold futures , Comex Gold for June delivery rose $ 8, 50 , or 0.6 percent, to USD1.327 , 60 per troy ounce . Trading volume was about 50 percent below the average 30 - day trading .

Among other precious metals , platinum rose 0.7 percent to USD1.460 , 40 , after earlier hitting its highest level in nearly a month in USD1.469 , 90 per troy ounce , due to labor strike continues in South Africa .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Surya Paloh Vice President Will Discuss Jokowi with Megawati

DPP Chairman Surya Paloh Nasdem Party claimed not to determine whether the party would carry the attitude of prospective vice president ( vice ) to accompany the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) Jokowi alias Joko Widodo . Paloh said , it will be further discussed with the Chairman of the PDI-P's Megawati Sukarnoputri .

" Are Nasdem will seek or ask the candidate to accompany participation ( Jokowi ) by placing his deputy position as vice president ? 's Still thought the discussion stage , " said Paloh Nasdem DPP office , Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/12/2014 ) .

Paloh said Nasdem Party may later ask the vice president of internal and external parties . The discussion of the vice president to Jokowi it would be done in two to three days ahead with Megawati .

" Moderate intensive thought and I will talk about later together Chairperson of PDI- P of Megawati Sukarnoputri , " said Paloh .

As is known , the official Nasdem Party coalition with PDI - P in carrying Jokowi as a presidential candidate in the 2014 Presidential Election . Nasdem Party Chairman Surya Paloh said the deal was taken while waiting for the results of the official count of the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) .

Paloh explained that this support will continue to be discussed further in the party's internal and external parties for two to three days ahead . As for the external party is meant by Paloh Megawati .

According Paloh , Nasdem Party 's decision to form a coalition with PDI - P because both have a platform and a line of struggle for change and restoration of the nation of Indonesia be better . In addition , he said , Nasdem Party also determined to make Indonesia into line with tagline Wonderful Indonesia , which carried the PDI - P .
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Nasdem Party , further Paloh , also wanted to be with the PDI - P strengthening the Indonesian government with a presidential system . Paloh and Jokowi addition , the meeting was also attended by the Secretary General of the PDI - P secretary general Tjahjo Kumolo and Patrice Rio Capella Nasdem Party . The meeting is closed to the media crew that lasted for about 75 minutes .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mayor Sesalkan humanist "Not speaking Tegal"

Humanist and a pioneer preservation discussion Tegal , Yono Daryono , was deeply disappointed by the decision of the Government of Tegal Indonesian who will use the anniversary ceremony Tegal to 434 , next Saturday . " This is a very dangerous setback for the preservation of the language in his hometown of Tegal , " he said vehemently when contacted by Tempo , Thursday 10 April 2014 . ( Read : This Year Anniversary Tegal Tegal Speak Without Ceremony )

Yono said , the original artists and cultural Tegal Tegal continue to fight for the language from extinction . Therefore , it is not uncommon young people from the city of Tegal embarrassed to use his mother tongue because impressed hick . " Tegal always come second language . Then we have held that Congress Tegal language in 2006 , " he said .
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One of the recommendations of the congress that the government has done Tegal Tegal is the use of language in the anniversary ceremony Tegal . "Why now even eliminated . Mustinya Mayor Tegal Tegal learn to be citizens and helped preserve the language of Tegal .

Tegal cultural observer , Abror Abidin , also believes similar. " Mayor Tegal Tegal should continue to use the language in his speech at the anniversary ceremony Tegal , " said Abidin . ( read : Kala Language Tegal So Ceremony Official Languages ​​)

Although he Tegal not understand the mayor 's daughter regions , Abidin said , the Public Relations Tegal can still write with language speech Tegal . " Other areas are many who imitate Tegal , ceremonial use of the mother tongue , " he said .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

There are still 5 SOE Less Committed Run GCG

Under Secretary of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) , Mr. Yasin admitted , of about 100 government owned companies , there are five companies that lower commitment about corporate governance ( GCG / GCG ) .

As known , the Ministry of the September 2013 dinahkodai Dahlan is making SOEs Net program , which is one of its goals is to reduce the amount of gratuity .

Yasin said that , in general SOE SOE Clean demonstrate the company's commitment to improve corporate governance and tackle fraud .

" There is no state-owned companies are not committed to good corporate governance and tackle fraud . , But there are five state-owned companies are more driven to improve, " said Yasin met after a leadership meeting at the SOE Headquarters Pertamina , Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

Unfortunately , Yasin reluctant to mention these five companies . He just said , there are companies in the logistics sector and other services . According to him , who's commitment is still low , is currently being discussed by each deputy SOE based on 13 indicators .

While acknowledging there are five state-owned company that has a low commitment to good corporate governance , Yasin rejects it indicates the company is not transparent and allegedly often receive gratuities .
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" Nah ( no indication ) . Essentially we want SOE clean . 's Why the system needs to be improved wistle blowing it , " he added .

Chairman of the Financial oversight and Development (BPK ) Mardiasmo said , SOE Net aims to SOEs can overcome fraud . " Controlling fraud , bribery , graft and corruption , " he said .