Monday, March 31, 2014

Epiphany, Trendy Camera Glasses Competitor Google Glass

Profession as journalists sometimes have to bersingungan with danger . In fact , in times of conflict or war coverage media crew was not uncommon to get a ban for taking pictures .

Of course this is very difficult , and even when taking pictures or video of the location must be a way sembuyi - hidden . But now , a new technology can change everything becomes easy .
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One vendor named Vergence Labs named Epiphany Eyewear sunglasses certainly attend . Where the creators claim that before Google Glass is present , it must first create the smart glasses .

According to the author , Erick Miller , this camera is not much different from the Google Glass , but has a more trendy design and it does not look like a Star Trek glasses .

It was evidenced when a journalist taking pictures or video of the location of the conflict which is often not easy . In fact , according to Miller's much to do with stealth.

" But a new technology , can facilitate the task . The result is no less powerful and even more sharply , " Miller said as quoted by the VOA , Saturday ( 29/03/2014 ) .

When using Epiphany Eyewear sunglasses , continued Miller , will embellish its face because it was designed with the progressive combining form and function . Eyewear Epiphany design does look more like a general fashion sunglasses on the market today .

Adapaun advantages by using these glasses are the first , swivel range of 160 degrees , similar to the usual range of the human eye , so both recorded video can be downloaded using a USB . Third , through the lens of the user can directly deploy it sees action to social media such as Facebook or Twitter .
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" This looks like regular sunglasses , but can take high- definition pictures , with a memory capacity of 32 GB to 8 hours , "

Another advantage , these glasses can be connected to other devices such as smartphones or tablets , to upload videos or photos to a website , video recording , storing or streaming video .

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