Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dawam Rahardjo: Presidential Candidate addition Prabowo Most Wonderful Feeling

Former Rector of the Islamic University 45 , Dawam Rahardjo , entered the scholars who support presidential candidates and vice presidential candidate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa . He said the figure Prabowo inherited his father who is also the economic guru , Soemitro Djojohadikusomo .

Dawam early to tell when reading the introduction to Soemitro Soemitro dissertation at the University of Leiden , The Netherlands . At that time , he felt that the dissertation should have been published and translated into Indonesian .

" I am giving the book foreword . Thought I criticize him ( Soemitro ) , " recalls Dawam while giving testimony at Balai Kartini , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .
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Dawam no idea if these criticisms make Soemitro come to his office . When it Dawam served as Director of the Research Institute for Application of Economic and Social Education ( LP3ES ) . That's where the initial introductions and Soemitro Dawam . He called Soemitro as someone who is open to criticism . " I saw it there on Prabowo attitude , open to criticism , " he said .

Dawam also stated that Prabowo has thought a great , original , and revolutionary . Open attitude , he said , in contrast to the other presidential candidates .

"Among other candidate , I saw not open because he felt he was the most severe . This contrasts with Prabowo . Indonesia in the future in the hands of Prabowo very precise , " said Dawam .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rub against Barracuda, KPU Nearly Collapsed Wall Fence

Building the fence General Election Commission (KPU) in Jalan Imam Bonjol, Central Jakarta, tilted due to police negligence.

The wall was almost collapsed because tersenggol barracuda tactical vehicles belonging to the police.
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A security officer that the Commission did not want to be named, said the incident occurred on Monday (26/05/2014) at 8:50 pm.

At that time, he said, barracuda car about to go into the front yard Building Commission as usual.

However, the position of the car too leads to the left so as to nudge gates Commission Building located on the left side. Suddenly collision that led to the crumbling concrete gate.

When the fence is still in a state tilted about 45 degrees. The incident not only cause broken gate.

The left side was also damaged barracuda. However, the car still go to the Commission page.

Deputy Bureau Chief Emil Satria Logistics Commission which saw the state of the fence that was snarled. "It was not damaged by the demonstrators, why even broken by the police," he said.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Russia-China veto UN Plan Leave Syria to the International Court

Russia and China on Thursday vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court ( ICC ) on the alleged war crimes during the three -year civil war in that country .

This is the fourth time Syria and China blocking Security Council action related to the Syrian civil war that has killed more than 150,000 people .

" If the security council members continually failing to reach agreement on measures to bring justice to crime is in progress , then corrupted the agency's credibility and the whole organization ( UN ) , " said UN Secretary-General Wakli on Jan Eliasson .
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The ICC prosecutor can not investigate the situation in Syria without a referral from the Security Council because Damascus is not a member of the Rome Statute - which is the basis of the establishment of the ICC .

Previously , the Security Council referred the situation in Libya , Darfur , and Sudan to the ICC .

" The draft resolution was rejected today reveals effort to utilize the ICC made ​​the situation worse and could be a justification for military intervention in the future , " said Russian Ambassador to the UN , Vitaly Churkin .

" We believe justice in Syria will eventually win . They are guilty of war crimes will be punished . However the first condition for this to happen is to create peace beforehand , " he said .

On the Chinese side , the foreign ministry spokesman , Hong Lei , said that the situation in Syria's referral to the ICC would only complicate the situation so that the problem more difficult to solve.

In response, Lithuanian mention Russia and China veto is a form of " justification against impunity . "

While the British Ambassador to the UN Mark Lyall Rant said , " The perpetrators of crimes against humanity in Syria at this time may be hiding behind the veto of Russia and China , but they will not be able to continue to shy away from justice . "

In March, a team of investigators from the UN states have extended the list of alleged perpetrators of war crimes from both opposing sides in the civil war . They also believe the evidence that there is enough to go to court .

On the other hand , although the United States is not part of the ICC , the countries supporting the draft resolution after ensuring that Israel will be protected from the possibility of charges at the ICC related to the annexation of the Golan Heights , Syria .

Israel unilaterally seized the territory from Syria in 1967 .

Of the 15 members of the Security Council at this time , only 11, who is also a member of the ICC . The four countries that are not listed are the U.S. , Russia , China , and Rwanda .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Prabowo-Hatta Promises 77 Million Hectare Reforestation Forest Damage

Mate of the presidential candidate and his running mate , Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa , promised to start a program to preserve nature and the environment to reforest 77 million hectares of forest damaged if elected in the upcoming presidential election . They said they would do intercropping systems and conservation of biological diversity , protected areas , national parks and nature reserves .

In addition , the vision and mission as thick as nine pages submitted to the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) , Prabowo - Hatta claims will prevent and crack down on perpetrators of environmental pollution and protect the biodiversity of flora and fauna .
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As a preventive measure , they will put in planting timber trees by the people , either collectively or individually , with a maximum scale of five acres . This , they said , would be supported by the provision of incentives , both fiscal and non-fiscal .

In addition , they will encourage all businesses and forestry derived products get certified forest management or sustainable forest products accepted by the global market .

For permit holders lease forest use for agricultural purposes outside , pair of six political parties that supported it would require the holder of the license to conduct urban forest development in the specified location . In addition , they are also determined to rehabilitate watersheds ( DAS ) and water resources and to encourage environmentally sound mining and social .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BI Apply Four K unrtuk Overcome Inflation

Each face month of Ramadan and Eid , inflation in the country is increasing . Governor of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) Agus Martowardojo recommends four K to suppress inflation .

Agus said , the first K is the availability of supply . " Find komodias each strategic area . Assure availability of good , " he stated in the National Workshop themed Nations Economic Awakening , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) .

K second is affordability . Local Government must ensure affordable prices . Agus asked the local government to seek and pursue the establishment of a wholesale market prices are efficient .
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Next is a smooth distribution . He said regional governments should assure good transport facilities , including the port or station .

" There should also be coordination with law enforcement . Sometimes on the road - intercepted intercepted , " he said .

Agus said that the last K is communication . Local governments should be able to control expectations .

" Usually there kalaau no commodity news , direct all the prices go up . Fact just speculation . Should be a communication , " said Agus .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Polonia Homes, Housing So Soekarno-Hatta place Prabowo Declaration

Presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates of Poros Gerindra , Prabowo and Hatta Radjasa , will make a declaration in Polonia House , this afternoon . Polonia Homes located in East Jakarta have been not without reason . This house , once the residence of Indonesia's first president Sukarno .

"In the past Bung Karno live right here around the 1960s . Maybe there will be a historical value for the younger generation that we selected this place so place the declaration . Appreciating the services of our founding fathers , " said Head of Household House Polonia , U Tun Tanujaya Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .
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He said the volunteers Prabowo from Indonesia Gema was the one who chose this place to be the location of the declaration . U Tun agreed , and finally a full house this history be hired for a full day event declaration .

This was justified by the Secretary General of Indonesian Gema Rahman Arif . According to him , the place is chosen so that the declaration Prabowo - Soekarno Hatta could reflect the struggle .

" Bung Karno stay here so we have to kumandangkan declaration , should start from this house , " he explained .

Polonia sized spacious house with white color dominant . Shape of the building is quite old-fashioned in the style typical of the Dutch period .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BNN: Artist JR Eating Methamphetamine Narcotics type

Female artist with the initials JR ( previously called YR ) , which is captured in a routine raid Province National Narcotics Agency ( BNNP ) Jakarta , Sunday ( 05/11/2014 ) morning , at an entertainment venue in Kemang , South Jakarta , expressed positive using narcotics . JR addition , there are 12 other visitors in a place other entertainment in Kemang which also captured and tested positive for drug consumption .

Head of Public Relations of the National Narcotics Agency ( BNN ) , Commissioner Sumirat Dwiyanto , explained , tests carried out against them produce the same indication with screening performed on them when arrested .
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" Of the 13 individuals , tested positive for narcotics . Currently , they are undergoing assessment in order to determine further steps , " said Sumirat , BNN office , Cawang , East Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

However, no mention Sumirat initials of those arrested in the raids BNNP routine , except JR .

Explained also by Sumirat , 12 of the 13 people arrested were positive for THC drug types ( nine people ) , methamphetamine ( two people ) , and opium ( one person ) . Meanwhile , another person using a drug that should be consumed by a doctor's prescription .

" JR positive methamphetamine . He caught himself , " said Sumirat again .

Although they were positive for narcotics , the BNN stated that no evidence found on them , including the JR . Allegedly , they were already eating them first .

"In terms of evidence , that there is in us or in BNNP is the result of the examination of urine . We did not find other evidence over this examination , " said Sumirat .

Meanwhile , Head of Jakarta BNNP Prevention , Sapari Partodiharjo , declined to give detailed information about the profession they work by JR , whether the role of the artist , a singer , or a model photo . Sapari just call JR is an artist .

" He's an artist . Later if the assessment . At his ID card that he private , " said Sapari .

JR , further Sapari , was arrested at Amor Neo entertainment . Is JR active drug users or not , he could not even mention it .

" That we are still awaiting the results of the assessment the doctor , " she said .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Quick Ship Jala Patih Ready to Roll to Netherlands

Solar powered speedboat ( solar rays ) called " Jalapatih " artificial Shipping Systems ITS students ready to compete in the arena of " Dong Energy Challenge 2014 " in the Netherlands , June 27 to July 5 .

" ITS team is the only participant from the second participant of the ASEAN and Asia with China . ITS team left for the Netherlands on June 20 , but his ship was sent on next week , " said Chairman of the ' Marine Solar Boat Team ' ITS , Chandra Prasad Endro Friday .
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On the sidelines of the launch of a solar -powered speedboats carried along East Java Governor Soekarwo ITS Vice Rector Prof. Saso Herman , one of the " drivers " that explain Jalapatih ship " Jalapatih " it has actually been initiated since 2012 .

" Shipbuilding is actually only a year , but we were able to find links to the Netherlands , including solar cell, we use an assistance exercise any of the LEN ( SOE ) . We did not design the solar cell , because it will be given committee , but the design of the boat and motor drive is homemade , " he said .

He explained that the first race was followed ITS is a solar -powered racing boat with the distance as far as 200 kilometers across seven provinces in the Netherlands . " We will colonize the former colonizers , " he said , to laughter from the audience and the Governor of East Java .

Meanwhile , other drivers , Viky Suryanto , explaining ship 5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide that has a speed of 6.5 to 8 knots (equivalent to 12 km / h ) with a power of 1 kilowatt , but the ship has a lithium battery powered 1 , 5 kwh .

" So , Jalapatih ship has a maximum power of 2 kWh of solar cell and batteries available . Lithium ion batteries There were 119 ( special solar batteries ) that we have, but not Jalapatih excellence in solar cell or battery that is there , but the system that we have designed , " said the student of 4th semester Shipping System Department of ITS .

Therefore , he said , victory is not only determined the speed of the ship , but the intelligence of the " driver " in regulating the speed of the ship , because if it's too tight will also make the batteries run out quickly , but if it is not too slow either .

" How a solar -powered boat is sunlight converted into electrical energy , and that energy is stored in a special battery and eventually moving propeller used on the ship , " he said , accompanied by the other driver , Gina Basuki .

In launching it , East Java Governor , Dr H Soekarwo SH Mhum , said he was very proud of what has been shown by the students of ITS .

" It is the result of creativity and hard work of the students of Department of
Shipping System . ITS child is able to think of intellect . This remarkable technology , " he explained .

He said he was very interested in working with the ITS , especially in terms of the development of fishing vessels owned in the area of East Java .

" Fishing vessels also need a touch of technology so that the results are much better , because it is working with ITS to be realized , including the cooperation program of making the appropriate technology for cutting rice , " he said .

A warm welcome was also given by the chairman of the Department of Shipping System ITS , Dr. Ir AA Masroeri . He was very proud of what is shown by the students .

" It shows that we can also compete with other countries . Technological If we did not lose , " he said .

The team that dispatched the eight students ITS consists of a team leader ( once the main driver ) , a secretary , two marketing (and reserve driver ) , and four technicians .


Balance of Trade Surplus U.S. $ 0.68 Billion

Central Statistics Agency ( BPS ) recorded Indonesia's trading surplus in March amounted to U.S. $ 0.68 billion . This is thanks to the amount of the non-oil sector surplus of U.S. $ 2.05 billion , while the oil and gas sector trade balance deficit of U.S. $ 1.37 billion .

Head of BPS , Suryamin , at his office today revealed the value of Indonesian exports in March reached U.S. $ 15.21 billion, up 3.95 percent compared to February exports .

" Cumulatively , the value of Indonesia's exports in January-March reached U.S. $ 44.32 billion, down 2.42 percent from the same period of 2013. Similarly, non-oil exports reached U.S. $ 36.45 billion, down 2.20 per cent , " he said .
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By sector , industrial exports in January- March 2014 rose 3.55 percent over the same period last year . In addition , the export of agricultural products rose 4.87 percent , while exports of mining products and other down 24.19 percent .

Furthermore, he explained , the value of imports of Indonesia in March of this year reached U.S. $ 14.54 billion, up 5.42 percent compared to February 2014 . However , when compared to March 2013 Indonesian imports fell 2.34 percent .

Non-oil imports in March 2014 reached U.S. $ 10.53 billion, or naik1 , 94 percent compared to February 2014 , while imports when compared to March last year , it dropped 4.10 percent .

He said oil imports in March 2014 reached U.S. $ 4.01 billion, rose 15.83 percent compared to February 2014 , while imports when compared to March 2013 , the value rose 2.61 percent .

He added , the cumulative value of imports from January to March this year amounted to U.S. $ 43.25 billion, down 5.27 percent compared to the same period imports last year . Cumulative value of imports consist of oil imports of U.S. $ 11.01 billion ( down 4.33 percent ) and non-oil imports sebesarUS $ 32.23 billion ( down 5.58 percent ) .

He added that , of the three main areas of trade Internasional Indonesia , all have a surplus in March . ASEAN increase of U.S. $ 2.3 million .

Meanwhile , Indonesia's trade in the European Union also have a surplus of U.S. $ 334.3 million . And other major countries , such as China , Japan , United States , India , South Korea , the overall surplus of U.S. $ 389.8 million .