Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mayor Sesalkan humanist "Not speaking Tegal"

Humanist and a pioneer preservation discussion Tegal , Yono Daryono , was deeply disappointed by the decision of the Government of Tegal Indonesian who will use the anniversary ceremony Tegal to 434 , next Saturday . " This is a very dangerous setback for the preservation of the language in his hometown of Tegal , " he said vehemently when contacted by Tempo , Thursday 10 April 2014 . ( Read : This Year Anniversary Tegal Tegal Speak Without Ceremony )

Yono said , the original artists and cultural Tegal Tegal continue to fight for the language from extinction . Therefore , it is not uncommon young people from the city of Tegal embarrassed to use his mother tongue because impressed hick . " Tegal always come second language . Then we have held that Congress Tegal language in 2006 , " he said .
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One of the recommendations of the congress that the government has done Tegal Tegal is the use of language in the anniversary ceremony Tegal . "Why now even eliminated . Mustinya Mayor Tegal Tegal learn to be citizens and helped preserve the language of Tegal .

Tegal cultural observer , Abror Abidin , also believes similar. " Mayor Tegal Tegal should continue to use the language in his speech at the anniversary ceremony Tegal , " said Abidin . ( read : Kala Language Tegal So Ceremony Official Languages ​​)

Although he Tegal not understand the mayor 's daughter regions , Abidin said , the Public Relations Tegal can still write with language speech Tegal . " Other areas are many who imitate Tegal , ceremonial use of the mother tongue , " he said .


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