Friday, May 23, 2014

Russia-China veto UN Plan Leave Syria to the International Court

Russia and China on Thursday vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court ( ICC ) on the alleged war crimes during the three -year civil war in that country .

This is the fourth time Syria and China blocking Security Council action related to the Syrian civil war that has killed more than 150,000 people .

" If the security council members continually failing to reach agreement on measures to bring justice to crime is in progress , then corrupted the agency's credibility and the whole organization ( UN ) , " said UN Secretary-General Wakli on Jan Eliasson .
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The ICC prosecutor can not investigate the situation in Syria without a referral from the Security Council because Damascus is not a member of the Rome Statute - which is the basis of the establishment of the ICC .

Previously , the Security Council referred the situation in Libya , Darfur , and Sudan to the ICC .

" The draft resolution was rejected today reveals effort to utilize the ICC made ​​the situation worse and could be a justification for military intervention in the future , " said Russian Ambassador to the UN , Vitaly Churkin .

" We believe justice in Syria will eventually win . They are guilty of war crimes will be punished . However the first condition for this to happen is to create peace beforehand , " he said .

On the Chinese side , the foreign ministry spokesman , Hong Lei , said that the situation in Syria's referral to the ICC would only complicate the situation so that the problem more difficult to solve.

In response, Lithuanian mention Russia and China veto is a form of " justification against impunity . "

While the British Ambassador to the UN Mark Lyall Rant said , " The perpetrators of crimes against humanity in Syria at this time may be hiding behind the veto of Russia and China , but they will not be able to continue to shy away from justice . "

In March, a team of investigators from the UN states have extended the list of alleged perpetrators of war crimes from both opposing sides in the civil war . They also believe the evidence that there is enough to go to court .

On the other hand , although the United States is not part of the ICC , the countries supporting the draft resolution after ensuring that Israel will be protected from the possibility of charges at the ICC related to the annexation of the Golan Heights , Syria .

Israel unilaterally seized the territory from Syria in 1967 .

Of the 15 members of the Security Council at this time , only 11, who is also a member of the ICC . The four countries that are not listed are the U.S. , Russia , China , and Rwanda .


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