Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BI Apply Four K unrtuk Overcome Inflation

Each face month of Ramadan and Eid , inflation in the country is increasing . Governor of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) Agus Martowardojo recommends four K to suppress inflation .

Agus said , the first K is the availability of supply . " Find komodias each strategic area . Assure availability of good , " he stated in the National Workshop themed Nations Economic Awakening , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) .

K second is affordability . Local Government must ensure affordable prices . Agus asked the local government to seek and pursue the establishment of a wholesale market prices are efficient .
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Next is a smooth distribution . He said regional governments should assure good transport facilities , including the port or station .

" There should also be coordination with law enforcement . Sometimes on the road - intercepted intercepted , " he said .

Agus said that the last K is communication . Local governments should be able to control expectations .

" Usually there kalaau no commodity news , direct all the prices go up . Fact just speculation . Should be a communication , " said Agus .


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