Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Prabowo-Hatta Promises 77 Million Hectare Reforestation Forest Damage

Mate of the presidential candidate and his running mate , Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa , promised to start a program to preserve nature and the environment to reforest 77 million hectares of forest damaged if elected in the upcoming presidential election . They said they would do intercropping systems and conservation of biological diversity , protected areas , national parks and nature reserves .

In addition , the vision and mission as thick as nine pages submitted to the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) , Prabowo - Hatta claims will prevent and crack down on perpetrators of environmental pollution and protect the biodiversity of flora and fauna .
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As a preventive measure , they will put in planting timber trees by the people , either collectively or individually , with a maximum scale of five acres . This , they said , would be supported by the provision of incentives , both fiscal and non-fiscal .

In addition , they will encourage all businesses and forestry derived products get certified forest management or sustainable forest products accepted by the global market .

For permit holders lease forest use for agricultural purposes outside , pair of six political parties that supported it would require the holder of the license to conduct urban forest development in the specified location . In addition , they are also determined to rehabilitate watersheds ( DAS ) and water resources and to encourage environmentally sound mining and social .


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