Friday, May 2, 2014

Quick Ship Jala Patih Ready to Roll to Netherlands

Solar powered speedboat ( solar rays ) called " Jalapatih " artificial Shipping Systems ITS students ready to compete in the arena of " Dong Energy Challenge 2014 " in the Netherlands , June 27 to July 5 .

" ITS team is the only participant from the second participant of the ASEAN and Asia with China . ITS team left for the Netherlands on June 20 , but his ship was sent on next week , " said Chairman of the ' Marine Solar Boat Team ' ITS , Chandra Prasad Endro Friday .
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On the sidelines of the launch of a solar -powered speedboats carried along East Java Governor Soekarwo ITS Vice Rector Prof. Saso Herman , one of the " drivers " that explain Jalapatih ship " Jalapatih " it has actually been initiated since 2012 .

" Shipbuilding is actually only a year , but we were able to find links to the Netherlands , including solar cell, we use an assistance exercise any of the LEN ( SOE ) . We did not design the solar cell , because it will be given committee , but the design of the boat and motor drive is homemade , " he said .

He explained that the first race was followed ITS is a solar -powered racing boat with the distance as far as 200 kilometers across seven provinces in the Netherlands . " We will colonize the former colonizers , " he said , to laughter from the audience and the Governor of East Java .

Meanwhile , other drivers , Viky Suryanto , explaining ship 5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide that has a speed of 6.5 to 8 knots (equivalent to 12 km / h ) with a power of 1 kilowatt , but the ship has a lithium battery powered 1 , 5 kwh .

" So , Jalapatih ship has a maximum power of 2 kWh of solar cell and batteries available . Lithium ion batteries There were 119 ( special solar batteries ) that we have, but not Jalapatih excellence in solar cell or battery that is there , but the system that we have designed , " said the student of 4th semester Shipping System Department of ITS .

Therefore , he said , victory is not only determined the speed of the ship , but the intelligence of the " driver " in regulating the speed of the ship , because if it's too tight will also make the batteries run out quickly , but if it is not too slow either .

" How a solar -powered boat is sunlight converted into electrical energy , and that energy is stored in a special battery and eventually moving propeller used on the ship , " he said , accompanied by the other driver , Gina Basuki .

In launching it , East Java Governor , Dr H Soekarwo SH Mhum , said he was very proud of what has been shown by the students of ITS .

" It is the result of creativity and hard work of the students of Department of
Shipping System . ITS child is able to think of intellect . This remarkable technology , " he explained .

He said he was very interested in working with the ITS , especially in terms of the development of fishing vessels owned in the area of East Java .

" Fishing vessels also need a touch of technology so that the results are much better , because it is working with ITS to be realized , including the cooperation program of making the appropriate technology for cutting rice , " he said .

A warm welcome was also given by the chairman of the Department of Shipping System ITS , Dr. Ir AA Masroeri . He was very proud of what is shown by the students .

" It shows that we can also compete with other countries . Technological If we did not lose , " he said .

The team that dispatched the eight students ITS consists of a team leader ( once the main driver ) , a secretary , two marketing (and reserve driver ) , and four technicians .


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